My Work

While in journalism school, I have taken classes that have taught me many skills and techniques. I have learned Abobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. I have found that I really enjoy making videos and telling stories. I hope to continue to tell stories through videos in my career. I also really enjoy taking photographs. I have not taken any photography classes, however, I often find my self taking pictures of my family, friends, animals, and scenery. I love journalism because I am able to tell not only my story, but other people’s stories as well. I’m able to give a voice to the voiceless and share their stories all around the world through different media platforms. While in school, I hope to gain more skills that help me tell stories effectively.

Adobe Premiere

While in MEJO 121- Introduction to digital storytelling, I learned how to use Adobe premiere. I learned different interviewing techniques and videoing skills. I hope to continue to create videos in the future. Below is a video I created of Kyle Hollingsworth’s story. He was in a jet ski accident earlier this summer and beat all of the odds.

Adobe Illustrator

While in MEJO 182- Introduction to Graphic Design, I learned Adobe Illustrator. One of my assignments was to create a game board poster. In the poster, we had to create our own backgrounds, graphics and include the rules and history. The goal was to be able to look at the poster and know how to play the game after reading the poster. I chose Candyland because it was a game I played often as a child. I would play it with my sisters at my grandparent’s house every Wednesday on “family night”. My grandparents have since past, so Candyland brings back good memories for me that I will cherish forever.


I have never taken a photography course before, however, I enjoy taking pictures. I love to capture special moments and I love that with a picture, you are able to look at something beautiful over and over again.